Kauf Dich Glücklich wird 15!

Montag, 31. Juli 2017

KDG_1.jpgWas als Waffel Café angefangen hat, wurde schnell zum beliebten Storekonzept in der deutschsprachigen Retail-Szene mit insgesamt 17 eigenen Läden, einem Café und einem Onlineshop - und das nur, weil die Stadt Bremen ein Ausschankverbot erteilt hat. Dazu aber gleich mehr. Denn erst einmal wird gefeiert! Und zwar mit Aktionen, Get-togethers, einer eigenen Kollektion und, das wird sicherlich alle freuen, einer kleinen Kauf Dich Glücklich-Kleiderstangen-Kollektion.

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Martiene Raven - Freelance creative director & trendcaster / Berlin

Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2017

MartieneRaven.jpgFrom the GOOD STUFF Interviews from J'N'C Magazine N°69 / 3-2017, Interviews: Cloat Gerold & Thorsten Osterberger

Martiene Raven is the founder of Rabenmütter, an online trend guide on brands with a conscience.

What does it take for a product to be called a timeless classic?
Funnily enough a timeless classic needs time. It has to be able to stand the test of time. Classics mostly derive from a deeper need, an anti-movement, influenced by economic change or the urge to create a better solution. Coco Chanel refused to wear the tightfitting dresses of the late 19th century and created her outfit from a men’s shirt and trousers. Comfortable and practical clothing fitted the era of the early 20th century perfectly. History and heritage are what often makes a piece a timeless classic. There are more modern classics too, of course. For example: Strongly branded by Adidas as “Forever a classic” and emotionally influenced by 80s pop culture, Superstar Originals are very much defining the street style image once again.
Frances Corner, head of the London College of Fashion asks an interesting question in the book “Why Fashion Matters”: “If all art was once contemporary, were all clothes once fashionable?”

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Daniel Todd - Buyer at Mr Porter

Mittwoch, 26. Juli 2017

DanielTodd-MrPorter.jpgFrom the GOOD STUFF Interviews from J'N'C Magazine N°69 / 3-2017, Interviews: Cloat Gerold & Thorsten Osterberger

Featuring over 400 brands, Mr Porter is one of the most renowned online platforms for men´s style.

In your opinion, what exactly does it take for a product to be called a “timeless classic”?
A timeless classic should be an item of clothing made with great attention to detail, something you can pull out of your wardrobe in years to come and its cut is still relevant and modern.

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Canada Goose und der Canada Coat

Mittwoch, 26. Juli 2017


Im Juli über eine der wohl besten Outdoorwinterjacken zu schreiben könnte ein wenig grotesk wirken, wenn es draußen nicht nur knapp 15°C Grad wären. Daher: Was soll’s?! Canada Goose feiert schließlich seinen 60-Jährigen und bringt anlässlich dieses Jubiläums sowie des 150. Geburtstags von Kanada seinen limitierten Canada Coat heraus.

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Judith Haase & Pierre Jorge Gonzalez - Architects / Berlin

Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017
PierreJorgeGonzalezandJudithHaase-by-CasperSejersen.jpg Foto: CasperSejersen

From the GOOD STUFF Interviews from J'N'C Magazine N°69 / 3-2017, Interviews: Cloat Gerold & Thorsten Osterberger

The duo designs modern gallery, office and retail spaces for customers around the globe.

When planning the drafts for your shop designs are you aiming for a timeless design or a more on-trend look?
Judith Haase: We start from scratch with each project by looking for the right language for the product. It’s not about creating a language for being trendy. We work with the space and its lighting, creating circulation and movement and, in a second stage, we work with materials and their interplay within the given surroundings.
Pierre Jorge Gonzalez: In reality, anything not trendy is dated. It’s not a goal to be trendy, but if your design is contemporary and interesting, it falls into the “trendy” category, or better yet: it creates a trend.

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Björn Borg und das Tennisspiel an der U.S.-mexikanischen Grenze

Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017

Foto: Fredik Josefsson

Die  schwedische  Sportswear  Fashion  Brand  Björn  Borg  veranstaltete vor zwei Wochen  ein  Tennisspiel, das in der Form so noch nie stattgefunden hat. Der Court befand sich nämlich direkt auf  der  U.S.-mexikanischen  Grenze  -  mit sowohl einem  Spieler  auf  mexikanischem, als auch einen  auf  amerikanischem  Boden.  Borg  Open, nannte sich das Ganze und war als Initiative gedacht,  mit  der  Björn  Borg sich  für  eine  offene  Welt  stark  macht,  in  der  Sport  Menschen vereint.

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Caro Daur - Influencer/Hamburg

Montag, 24. Juli 2017


From the GOOD STUFF Interviews from J'N'C Magazine N°69 / 3-2017, Interviews: Cloat Gerold & Thorsten Osterberger

Caro Daur has modelled for Calzedonia and Dolce & Gabbana and blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle on carodaur.com.

How does a product become a timeless classic?
A timeless classic tells a story. For me it´s something that exudes traditional values and suits every era.

Can you imagine a younger generation in the future spending more money on timeless pieces than on short-lived trends?
Absolutely. Recently I also started investing in timeless pieces. It´s just so much more efficient. I wear them much more often and I really feel connected to them.

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50 Jahre Dickies Original 874 Work Pant

Montag, 24. Juli 2017

Eine Kulthose wird 50! Denn erstmals 1967 auf den Markt gebracht, hat sich die Dickies Original 874 Work Pant zu der wohl bekanntesten und verbreitetsten Chino der Welt entwickelt. Mit dem Release einer Herbst/Winter 2017 Special Edition feiert das US-amerikanische Label nun seinen beliebten Klassiker.

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Andrea Canè - Global Creative Director Woolrich International / Bologna

Freitag, 21. Juli 2017


From the GOOD STUFF Interviews from J'N'C Magazine N°69 / 3-2017, Interviews: Cloat Gerold & Thorsten Osterberger

Dating all the way back to 1830, Woolrich caters for workers in rough conditions as well as fashionistas in the urban jungle.

What would you say is the ratio of very trendy products to timeless classics in your product range ?
I´d say the ratio is 60/40: 60 percent timeless products and 40 percent that are more based on today’s needs.

Why do you think the design of your renowned Arctic Parka is still up to date after all these years?
The Arctic Parka has always been a garment with a purpose! It was made for the Alaskan pipeline workers and is still functional for the cold climates of today.

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Adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams: Der Tennis Hu, Runde Zwei

Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2017


Vom Original inspiriert, von Pharrell Williams neu interpretiert. Ein catchy Slogan, der zudem den Look des Adidas Original Tennis Hu auf den Punkt bringt.

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Anita Tillmann - Managing Partner PREMIUM GROUP / Berlin

Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2017
Anita Tillmann, Fotocredit: Maxime Bellestros

From the GOOD STUFF Interviews from J'N'C Magazine N°69 / 3-2017, Interviews: Cloat Gerold & Thorsten Osterberger

Anita Tillmann is the founder of Fashion Tech Berlin, a conference centred around the future of fashion.

What exactly does it take for a product to be called a „timeless classic“?
A timeless piece is supposed to stay beautiful and fashionable as time passes.

Will high-tech in the manufacturing sector make handcraftsmanship completely obsolete one day?
There will always be handcrafted manufacturing. Technology doesn’t rule this out. I think technology will complement the production and that this fusion will lead to innovative new products that have the potential to enrich our lives.

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