Margot ‘Arctic Sea’: Definitely not a sailor’s yarn

Thursday, 16 June 2011
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Sea anemones, shells or even ancient diving bells? For her A/W 2011 collection the Hamburg designer Jessica Schröder is diving into the depths of the sea, figuratively speaking at least. Her hand-crafted necklaces and headpieces are inspired by the scientific and, at the same time, decorative illustrations of maritime flora and fauna, drawn by the German biologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel around the year 1900 for the book ‘Art Forms of Nature‘.

The colour scale of the five necklaces and three hairbands ranges from grey to brown, to black – all colours associated with the cold and rough Arctic Sea. And ‘Arctic Sea’ is also name of the second collection by accessories label ‘Margot’, founded in autumn 2010, which Jessica Schröder named after her grandmother and for which she creates embroidered, crocheted and knitted unique specimens with incredible attention to detail.




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